Thursday, May 08, 2008

Top 3 of American Idol

*Drum roll please*


Finally, its been narrowed down to David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado making it to the Top3 of American Idol season 7. I’m happy to know that my favorites (from the very beginning) were in the list -- David A. & Syesha.


i was, literally, down on my knees and praying that Jason Castro will be eliminated just to give the show well-deserved finalists who’ll battled in the upcoming Finals Night. Though I’m really expecting a David vs. David finale but I guess in this part of the show it is still an ‘anybody’s game’.


I think, if Syesha will stick with entertaining the audience and judges with her sing and dance number, maybe then, she can get the sympathy of the people. (lets admit it, it’ll be difficult for her to battle against the popular and talented people within the competition). She needs alot of effort, for people to notice her and her talent in singing.


David Archuleta has no problem with voting coz his been the crowd’s favorite ever since the show started. Being that cutie, genuinely good hearted lil guy, and his soulful/inspirational songs will surely take him to the Top.


And though im not really a die-hard fan of David Cook, but I think his talent of making songs as his own makes people especially the judges admire him. Like what Simon said, “If people will just stick to the talent rather than popularity based, You (David Cook) will win this contest”. Honestly, I have this feeling that David Cook will be the Next American Idol.


Lets just wait and see.. its too early to tell, ryt?! *crossed fingers*

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