Saturday, December 29, 2007

Clean-Up Time

Sobrang nka2pgod diz day kc b nmn nggeneral cleaning kmi ni mama. its our own way of removing all the “malas” and allowing more space for the “swerte” to come in and that is according to Feng Shui.. Thou im not really a believer of these but still tumulong nrin ako 2tal tambay lng nmn ako d2 sa hauz. hehe.. well According to my Mom, dapat daw every “year-end” gngwa daw e2 pra nga nmn mging mganda ung psok ng bgong taon..

As I was doing these, I realize na dapat ndi lng pla sa bahay ntin e2 gngwa.. pati mismo sa “buhay” ntin.. its not that pra ‘swertihin’ tau kundi pra mging mliniz tau as we face another year of our lives. Sbi nga dba, “start a brand NEW year”…

  • All the bad things that happened to me in 2007
  • Areas in my life na sira na at dna kya pang ayusin
  • At ung mga relationships na tuluyan ng kinalawang

All these deserves to be thrown out and put in a trash can where d garbage collector picks it up and throws it somewhere else na malayo skin.. Coz these are really “trashes” sa buhay ko.

Well for my friends nmn I think dpat ko cla itago sa place where everything else is “recyclable”.. I think friendship should constantly renew… I know this coming year e mraming mgbbgo.. evry1 will be so busy in fulfilling their own dreams but I know that no matter what happen, friendship will always be there binding us all together. Sbi nga nla, “a lil change won’t cause harm”…

As 2008 is fast approaching, still we have time to think things over.. lets make ourselves “cleaned-up” for us to be “a better person inside and out" as we face this year!!!...