Sunday, May 25, 2008

Babysitter of the Day

I received a text message from my “beloved” brother around 7am stating that I need to go to their house and take care of Baby Jacob while they’re out and doing some grocery shopping. I was really excited coz its been awhile I haven’t bonded with Baby Jacob ever since they moved in to their new crib [as what my Kuya used to call it].

I was kinda haggard when I arrived. Though their house is not that far from ours [if you’ll ride in a tricycle] but its way too far, long, and seems an endless road to take if you choose to walk or toddle around. And since its only around 8am, I chose to do some cardio workout –brisk walking, while enjoying the fresh air and early morning sunrise. Perfect! [But not ideal if you’re living in a City in Metro Manila]

Okay, so here comes the babysitter of the day, profusely sweating and smells like “son of the sun” [anak-araw in tagalog] hahaha… cant think of a perfect word. But nevertheless, Jacob has no complaints or anything like that, about my looks and the way I smell.. I think he still loves me for that.

Its a nice feeling to be the one taking care of Jacob while his parents are gone for the whole day. I was the one doing all the baby stuffs like, changing his diaper/clothes, bottle-feeding him, making him go to sleep while singing his favorite lullaby [I am ur brother by Reynaldo Lapuz] and the best part -–-play with him until he starts to cry!.. “Ok Jacob, meme time…”

Tiring job as it may seem but when you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you’ll never feel the heaviness of workloads given to you. Not until.. you start to sit in front of the computer and try to write some entries for your blog. Okay now.. im starting to feel it..

Im feeling it… Aaahh…

Ok then, ‘til next time…

Babysitter Belle, signing off….

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