Friday, May 30, 2008

Dami ng nagbago

Kahapon, sa muli kong paglabas sa mundo, doon ko lamang napansin na marami na plang nagbago. Una na nga dyan ay ang pamasahe sa jeep. Hindi na pla 7.50 kundi 8 pesos na ito. Napahiya pa tuloy ako sa driver nung hingin ko ang sukli kong 50 cent. Cenxa na. Mangmang lang!

Marami nring plng nagsulputang Commercial Space sa Times [un ba ang tawag dun?]. Mas lalong dumami ang mga kainan, photocopy center, at PC shop. Pero xempre, magbago man ang lahat, dumaan man ang bagyo at sumikat na muli ang araw, matatag pa din ang shop ni Kuya Mon. Kahit maliit, malakas prin ang kita! Bongga ka Kuya Mon!

Sa aking pag gagala, napadpad ako sa SM Southmall. Hmmm. Kelan nga ba last punta ko doon? Can’t remember!.. Buti nlng at naisipan kong bilhan ng sumbrero ang napaka-cute kong pamangkin. Kaya dali-dali akong pumunta sa babies section para maghanap. Pero mukhang nainvade na ng mga “baby girl’s stuffs” ang buong section at tila wala na akong makitang damit o gamit pang lalake. Haaayz. Ang hirap tlgang hanapan ng gamit ang mga lalake! [mahal na, konti pa ang choices]

At tutal nsa SM nko, sinamantala ko nrin maghanap ng studio especially made for babies. Ang dating studio sa taas ng SM na kung saan nagpapahiram ng mga costumes ay wala na’t tuluyan ng umalis sa SM. Gosh! Hindi kami nakaabot! Cute pa naman sana. Affordable pa. Sayang talaga!

Oh well, time to go home.. Ok na sana ang day ko ng may nakita akong nagpabago ng mood ko.

I just saw my Ex!.. OMG!.. nag tachycardia ako. Panic level. Hindi ko alam kung saan magtatago. Buti nlng nakatalikod sya at hindi nya ako nakita! Khit nkatalikod sya, Im 99.9% sure na sya yun!.. pero im praying na ung 0.1% ay sapat na pra magkamali ako ng hinala. Todo dasal tlga ako. Kulang nlng ay lumuhod ako sa mall mapakinggan lang ni Lord ang dalangin ko!

Kahit saglit ko lang sya nasulyapan, pansin kong madami nring ngbago sknya. Bumalik na ung dati nyang hair, mukhang matured na sya, and I think he’s already working [base sa damit nya dat time]. Kaya nman nkakahiya kung makikita nya akong nkashirt & jeans lang at may hawak pang brown envelope. Waaah. Halatang tambay lang! [oh well, atleast may license na! Ahaha..]

Dahil sa pangyayaring yun, naisipan ko munang magtago sa Jobi, magpalipas oras at pakalmahin ang sarili.

Ready na akong umuwi. Wala na ang balakid.

Few steps away sa exit door, nakita ko sya

at nakita nya ako.

Holy moly! Walang kawala!

Nasabi ko nlng tuloy, “Uy!”


Sabay alis.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Babysitter of the Day

I received a text message from my “beloved” brother around 7am stating that I need to go to their house and take care of Baby Jacob while they’re out and doing some grocery shopping. I was really excited coz its been awhile I haven’t bonded with Baby Jacob ever since they moved in to their new crib [as what my Kuya used to call it].

I was kinda haggard when I arrived. Though their house is not that far from ours [if you’ll ride in a tricycle] but its way too far, long, and seems an endless road to take if you choose to walk or toddle around. And since its only around 8am, I chose to do some cardio workout –brisk walking, while enjoying the fresh air and early morning sunrise. Perfect! [But not ideal if you’re living in a City in Metro Manila]

Okay, so here comes the babysitter of the day, profusely sweating and smells like “son of the sun” [anak-araw in tagalog] hahaha… cant think of a perfect word. But nevertheless, Jacob has no complaints or anything like that, about my looks and the way I smell.. I think he still loves me for that.

Its a nice feeling to be the one taking care of Jacob while his parents are gone for the whole day. I was the one doing all the baby stuffs like, changing his diaper/clothes, bottle-feeding him, making him go to sleep while singing his favorite lullaby [I am ur brother by Reynaldo Lapuz] and the best part -–-play with him until he starts to cry!.. “Ok Jacob, meme time…”

Tiring job as it may seem but when you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you’ll never feel the heaviness of workloads given to you. Not until.. you start to sit in front of the computer and try to write some entries for your blog. Okay now.. im starting to feel it..

Im feeling it… Aaahh…

Ok then, ‘til next time…

Babysitter Belle, signing off….

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bad days in a row...

Frustrated. Disappointed. Irritated. Hopeless. Words that perfectly described the feelings I had for the past few days.

And now I’m in a bad mood coz of headache d/t climate change. Don’t even know how to start this entry. I just wanna get this out of my chest!

The storm Cosme that almost ruined the provinces of Nothern Luzon is the same storm that brought bad reception to our TV set!.. [we don’t have a cable TV so we’re jz counting on to our antennas for a better reception] arggh.. This is the end of me--being a “kapamilya.” I can’t watch my favorite shows from the “kapamilya” channel especially the PBB and Lovers!..-- the only thing that matters to me nowadays. I almost even missed the finals of American Idol at Qtv, but thank God, at the last minute I was able to watch it while working it out in a blurred and patchy TV screen.

OK, Enough of being a couch potato..

Last Wed., we had our completion of IV cases. At first, I’m expecting that it will be a hands-on experience for all of us. But like any other hospitals, they didn’t allow us to do something or even touch the patient. We’re just there to get the cases and list them down on our case form. Sheesh!.. What’s the sense! I wasted almost 8hrs. of my life at their hosp. without even gaining something from them. And another thing that really pissed me off, instead of rescheduling us for another completion since we didn’t able to finish the whole thing, they tried to give us “imaginary cases” instead!.. *cases that never really took place or happened in the patient/hosp.* Its understandable that they didn’t want us to handle patients for the reason that they are “private patients” and the completion fee is FREE!.. but I would not allow them to fool us, and give us “imaginary or ghost cases” whichever you wanna call it. Its illegal and it makes you a “second-rate type of nurse”.

Being in a bad mood straight days in a row, is something new to me. I’m not really affected by the things that are happening around me. I’m more of an optimist person. I believe things happen for a reason [pollyannaish type]. But now, I’m really at my wits’ end. Everything is going from bad to worst. Is this my punishment for not attending the preaching last sunday? Owkie then, IM SORRY!.. T__T

But please, can you bring my TV back to its normal operation. Pretty, pretty please..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bakit ganon ang pusa?

In relation to my previous entry:We have a new pet

Recently nga, lumipat na ng house brother ko to start his own family at naiwan nlng kming 2 ni mama dito sa house. At dhil wla na c Baby Jacob na pwedeng paglibangan at laruin, e sinubukan kong pagtyagaan nlng c Hagedon. As I was watching Hagedon do his own thing, I realized marami pla akong ndi alam tungkol sa pusa.

Last Night kasi wala kming nalutong fish kya we tried to give Hagedon a “menudo” instead.. pero after hour or two, ndi man lang nagalaw ni Hagedon ung food. He tasted it pero ndi nya tlga kinain. Choosy?! Ahaha.. kaya npilitan akong mgluto ng tuyo! Shala! Hinahandaan tlga.. hehe.. At yun na nga ang kinain nya. So I was thinking, Bkit nga ba mahilig sa isda ang pusa?? Why can’t they eat other kinds of food like meat or veggie?? As in isda lang tlga.. And one more thing, bkit ndi sila natitinik?? They can eat the whole fish pro hindi man lang cla natitinik.

I also noticed, dba if you don’t want your crap to have foul-smelling odor you should eat fish instead of pork and beef. But how come sa pusa mabaho prin??.. daig pa ang aso! It really stinks! Kumakapit tlga sa sinuses mo!.. I think I have my sinusitis dahil dun? (ahaha.. exagge na nman)

The other night din, I saw Hagedon fighting with another cat. It seems that he likes the Pussy-cat (haha.. you know wat I mean *green*) and wants to make-love with her, pero hindi natuloy. Not until it was in the middle of the night that my Mom&I was awaken by the sound of Hagedon having another fight with d’same cat—I think. It was like a fraternity rumble where you can hear “kalampugan ng mga upuan” at ingay ng mga nagsisigawang adik! Haayzz… watta night. I think it lasted 30mins. (pwamiz, antagal!) And that is why im wondering, bkit nga ba klangan pa nila muna mag-away bgo cla magmake-love?? Sadist at masochist ba sila at gnon ang trip nla??

I know that night nka-score c Hagedon kc after the “fight” I can hear them moaning. Haha.. Nice one Hagedon!.. Grabe! Ang ingay prin nla khit gnon na ung gngwa nla. But what really makes me think, how come wla akong nakikitang pusa na nagmamake love?? May nkita nba kau? I saw dogs, chickens, ducks, flies, cockroaches, and even humans (just kidding!.. lolz *wholesome ako*) na nagmamake-love, pro pusa? Wla pa tlga!.. khit nung nyt na nkascore c Hagedon, I tried to sneak on them pero dko sila makita! T_T *sniff sniff*

Masaya din sana kung magkakaroon kmi ng mga kuting dito sa bahay pero mukhang malabo un dhil lalake c Hagedon. Not unless, dito manganganak ung gf nyang pusa. Ahaha. Pero naexperience nrin nmin mag-alaga ng kittens. I even saw how they were born dhil dito noon nanganak ung pusa ng kapitbahay nmin.

Ang saya! Dun ko nkita na nkabalot pa tlga sila sa amniotic sac. Pero napansin ko after manganak nung pusang un, kinain nya ung isa sa mga anak nya. Eeww… nandiri tlga ako!Bkit nga ba ganun? Bkit gustong-gusto nilang kainin ung mga anak nila?? In the first place, anak nila un! At pangalawa, ndi naman isda ung anak nila ah… bkit kinakain nla?

Lastly, alam nyo nman siguro na ang pinaka gusto ko sa pusa e ung way nilang maglambing. I really like it pag umiikot sila sa binti ko at hinahagod ung katawan nla. Kakakiliti!.. hehehe… Nakakapagtaka lang, bkit nga ba mahilig manghagod ang mga pusa? Ang lam ko ndi nman ganyan ang aso at lalong ndi nmn ganyan ang ibon at goldfish! (hmm.. san ng galing un??) feeling ko tuloy minsan mukha akong basahan kc skin niya pinupunas ung dumi nya. Aww..

Nakakatuwa nman ung mga pusa khit na ndi ko ma-gets bkit ganon sila. Siguro kung marereincarnate ako, gusto kong maging pusa. Pero ung may breed! Tipong Siamese or Persian cat. Pwede nrin ung kmukha ni Garfield. Hehehe.

Basta I like cats coz they're like ME, always Charming!!

(sowee, cant do anything bout that.. ganyan na tlga ako ever since..@_@)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We have a new pet

Almost decades nrin kming wlang alaga dito sa bhay. Hindi naman sa wala kming hilig magalaga, pro may mga pangyayari lang na sadyang hindi nmin maiiwasan. Hindi nman cguro nmin kasalanan kng mamatay cla, makatakas at mawala, at lalong lalo na yung ipamigay nmin cla dhil sadyang hindi na cla nakakatuwa. Marami nrin kming na alagaang hayop, xempre unang una na dyan ang ever famous at tinuturing nting lahat na Man’s Bestfriend. Hmm.. mdyo ndi ko na maalala yun kc maxado pkong bata noon. Basta ang alam ko yun ang 1st pet ng Kuya ko. Well, sad to say, namatay daw yung tuta dhil pinakain ni Mama ng buto2x sa pag-aakalang un ang gusto nito. Mukhang nabilaukan ata kya ndi nkahinga. Poor doggy!

After ng tuta, dumating nman ang sang katerbang pusa at biglang lahat kming mga bata ay ngkaroon ng alaga! Bongga! Pero sa lahat, ang pinaka nagstand-out pra smin ni Kuya ay c Tiger. (Obviously, Tiger kasi prang pattern ng tiger ung balat nya.) Sobrang natuwa kmi kasi mabait, malambing at malinis c Tiger. Alam nya kung saan xa dudumi at alam din nyang tabunan ng lupa ang sarili nyang kalat! (ang hindi nmin alam, ganon pla tlga lahat ng pusa! Naloko kmi ni Tiger dun ha..) Pero sad to say ulit, nawala c Tiger! Ndi na nmin alam kung saan xa nagpunta.. huhu.. at xempre ang mas apektado ay ang kuya ko na tipong lahat ng mkita nyang pusa na kamukha ni Tiger ay dinadampot at inuuwi nya sa bahay. Pero sadyang nawawala at namamatay ang mga pusang yun.. (oohh.. wala akong kinalaman dyan!.. wla akong gnwang masama.. Malay ko bang bawal pla paliguan ang mga pusa! At tsaka, binilad ko nman din sila sa araw after eh pra matuyo.. Kasalanan na nla un, hindi sila pumalag e…)

Tila nagsawa nrin kmi ni kuya magampon ng mga hayop na gala! Kaya ayun, c Mama nman ang nghanap ng maaalagaan.. at ang napili nga nya ay ung ibon na prang Parrot (nkalimutan ko na tawag dun eh.. pro un ung mdalas na maririnig nyong ngsasabi ng “Pangit! Pangit!”) Sa totoo lang, binili nya daw un pra yun ang mgsasabi ng “May bibili! May bibili! Eeerrk.. “ Astig dba?! Matagal-tagal din nyang inalagaan at tinuruan ung ibon na un pro sa kasamaang palad, nagsawa nrin c Mama at naisipang ibenta nlang ung ibon sa kapitbahay. (ang huling balita ko nga ay nagsasalita na daw ung ibon, at ang sinasabi ay “May bibili! Eeerk.. May bibili”) aww… sayang!..

Wala na sana kming balak mag-alaga pa ng hayop pero tila nalulungkot si Mama at hindi nya maiwasang maghanap ng aalagaan.. at dun na nga pumasok ang mga Goldfish! Whoaw! Yan na nga ata ang alaga namin na libu-libo ang gnastos. Xempre aquarium at gamit plang ay mahal na, smahan mo pa ng gastos sa tubig dahil every week kmi nagpapalit. Mahal nrin ang pagkain nla at mga decorations na nilalagay sa aquarium pra gumanda eto. Pro khit ganon, ayos lang dhil lahat naman kmi ay natutuwa lalo na pag may mga bagong dagdag na isda sa aquarium. Ok na sana kaya lng, dahil sa 3days brownout, namatay LAHAT ng isda nmin.. waaaaah… wla man lang natira! Ang malas-malas nman!!...

After d tragic experience sa Goldfish! Huminto na talaga kmi sa pag-aalaga..

Not until….


Na pahaba pla introduction ko… Pero ngyon, eto na tlga!.. haha…

Finally! Dumating sa buhay nmin c Hagedon. Isang pusakal! (PUSAng KALye).. Hagedon ang napili nming pangalan dahil mahilig xang mang-HAGOD!.. bagay nman dba?! Haha..

3days plang tlga xa smin. Actually, aksidente lang nman ung pagiging alaga nya. Tuwing gabi kc mkikita mo xa d2 sa bahay nmin na pagala-gala at tila may inaabangan. Ayun! Nhuli kong kinukuha nya ung mga natitirang ulam namin at pumapasok pa xa sa tindahan nmin para maghanap pa ng makakain. Magnanakaw na pusa! Pero ang di ko pla alam, mga daga pla ung puntirya nya kya lagi syang nsa tindahan, nag-aabang!..

Sa totoo lang, matagal na tlga nming problema yang mga dagang yan.. na try na nmin lahat ng rat-killer pro prang hindi umeeffect sknla at ginagawang vitamins nlang ang mga un!.. buti nlang nandyan c Hagedon na humuhuli sknla!.. So far, wla nkong mxdong nki2tang daga d2 smin.. at dahil un kay Hagedon!

Kaya nman bilang pagpapakita ng pagtanaw ng utang na loob, e tuluyan na nga nmin xang inampon at ngyon nga ay madalas na nga nya akong lambing-lambingin!..

Mas gusto ko tlga ang pusa kysa sa aso.. cguro dhil gusto ko ung paghagod-hagod ng katawan nla sa binti ko.. kakatuwa!! Hehehe…

Ganito itsura ng pusa ko…

Ok fine! Medyo exagge sa ganda para sa isang pusakal pro d nman xa ganon ka-pangit tulad ng iniicp nio. Mukha prin nman xang cute na pusa. Basta! Masaya ako kasi may alaga na ulit kmi..^^,

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Top 3 of American Idol

*Drum roll please*


Finally, its been narrowed down to David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado making it to the Top3 of American Idol season 7. I’m happy to know that my favorites (from the very beginning) were in the list -- David A. & Syesha.


i was, literally, down on my knees and praying that Jason Castro will be eliminated just to give the show well-deserved finalists who’ll battled in the upcoming Finals Night. Though I’m really expecting a David vs. David finale but I guess in this part of the show it is still an ‘anybody’s game’.


I think, if Syesha will stick with entertaining the audience and judges with her sing and dance number, maybe then, she can get the sympathy of the people. (lets admit it, it’ll be difficult for her to battle against the popular and talented people within the competition). She needs alot of effort, for people to notice her and her talent in singing.


David Archuleta has no problem with voting coz his been the crowd’s favorite ever since the show started. Being that cutie, genuinely good hearted lil guy, and his soulful/inspirational songs will surely take him to the Top.


And though im not really a die-hard fan of David Cook, but I think his talent of making songs as his own makes people especially the judges admire him. Like what Simon said, “If people will just stick to the talent rather than popularity based, You (David Cook) will win this contest”. Honestly, I have this feeling that David Cook will be the Next American Idol.


Lets just wait and see.. its too early to tell, ryt?! *crossed fingers*