Friday, May 23, 2008

Bad days in a row...

Frustrated. Disappointed. Irritated. Hopeless. Words that perfectly described the feelings I had for the past few days.

And now I’m in a bad mood coz of headache d/t climate change. Don’t even know how to start this entry. I just wanna get this out of my chest!

The storm Cosme that almost ruined the provinces of Nothern Luzon is the same storm that brought bad reception to our TV set!.. [we don’t have a cable TV so we’re jz counting on to our antennas for a better reception] arggh.. This is the end of me--being a “kapamilya.” I can’t watch my favorite shows from the “kapamilya” channel especially the PBB and Lovers!..-- the only thing that matters to me nowadays. I almost even missed the finals of American Idol at Qtv, but thank God, at the last minute I was able to watch it while working it out in a blurred and patchy TV screen.

OK, Enough of being a couch potato..

Last Wed., we had our completion of IV cases. At first, I’m expecting that it will be a hands-on experience for all of us. But like any other hospitals, they didn’t allow us to do something or even touch the patient. We’re just there to get the cases and list them down on our case form. Sheesh!.. What’s the sense! I wasted almost 8hrs. of my life at their hosp. without even gaining something from them. And another thing that really pissed me off, instead of rescheduling us for another completion since we didn’t able to finish the whole thing, they tried to give us “imaginary cases” instead!.. *cases that never really took place or happened in the patient/hosp.* Its understandable that they didn’t want us to handle patients for the reason that they are “private patients” and the completion fee is FREE!.. but I would not allow them to fool us, and give us “imaginary or ghost cases” whichever you wanna call it. Its illegal and it makes you a “second-rate type of nurse”.

Being in a bad mood straight days in a row, is something new to me. I’m not really affected by the things that are happening around me. I’m more of an optimist person. I believe things happen for a reason [pollyannaish type]. But now, I’m really at my wits’ end. Everything is going from bad to worst. Is this my punishment for not attending the preaching last sunday? Owkie then, IM SORRY!.. T__T

But please, can you bring my TV back to its normal operation. Pretty, pretty please..

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