Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Me and my RED nailpolish

Red is not really my favorite color but it really fascinates me whenever I see someone who has it on their fingernails. They say Red is the color of fire and blood, so they associated it with energy, power, as well as passion, desire, and love. It is a very emotionally intense color and no wonder why girls like it. But as for me, wala lang.. gusto ko lang xa kasi glamorous ang dating. Hehehe. Matagal nko actually naghahahanap ng perfect Red nail polish for me kya lng wala akong mkita, out of stock yata.. hehehe. But now that I found one, im so happy and cant wait to put it on kahit na medyo bagong retouch lang ung nail polish ko that time.

Sabi nga sa isang Mag, there is a right Red nail polish for different skin color. Oha! Toxic! Ngresearch tlga. “If your skin is dark or has golden undertones, bright, true reds look best. To make pink skin look less ruddy, use lighter orange-reds. If you're pale, the contrast of a blue-red is striking.” But I guess, nothing could go wrong with your Red nail polish as long as you know how to flaunt it.

My friends already saw it and some said “bagay sau” but others, ahmmm.. no comment! Hehe. It seems that they’re having a hard time putting in words how wonderful and super amazing it looks on me. haha. Asa! But I don’t really care, I like it and I think it looks great on me. Its not what people think na magmu2kha kang oldie if you wear it. its simple but with an attitude. Feeling ko im so meztisa to have guts to wear it. Anyway, nakakaputi naman xa tignan sa kamay kya okay lang.

I remember someone asked me, “bakit red? In love ka?” as usual, they correlate it with its color meaning. I can’t blame them for that, coz thats the first thing that comes into mind whenever we see one. But I thought maybe unconsciously, there was an emotion involved. Maybe I am! Or maybe I am not!.. haaayzz.. I may not be in love but looks like im letting it known to everyone that I am ready to fall in love. Haha. Whatever the reason is, everybody is entitled to their own opinions. Bahala na kau kng anong gusto nyong isipin..

All I know is that RED on a summer day means SEXY&HOT!!.. [kahit ndi na summer!]

And after all, with that striking red on my toes and fingers made me feel sophisticated and very pretty. Love it!! ^^,

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