Sunday, June 15, 2008

Continue Dreaming... (Pinoy Dream Academy 2)

Pinoy Dream Academy is back in action!!

And I love the fact that Bugoy (the farmer’s son) and Liezel (from Puerto Galera) were included in the list of scholars of PDA. I really like their voice, though Direk Joey annotated that they will have a hard time selling them to the public since their not really that charming and good-looking, unlike the others. But if Filipinos would just base it from their talents rather than their looks, I have a strong belief that they will own a slot in the finals of PDA.

I hope that Bugoy have other songs to offer aside from his famous “Angels Brought Me Here” rendition, and hopefully will showcase his talent by singing different songs from different genre. I think he has a powerful voice that will attract and mesmerize the audience. And who knows, he might just bring home the title “PDA champion!”

Speaking of ‘hopes’.. I also do hope that Lambert (the Engineer) or Jet (the VJ) would get the 16th place [the last slot] and a chance to enter the academy. I think, its interesting to hear some rock music rather than hearing all the divas making/trying/reaching the high notes. But it would be nicer if they don’t copycat David Cook’s style. What may work for Cook, may not work for them.

This season is surely something to look forward too plus the fact that Billy, one of my favorite performers, will host the show. I’m sooo excited! And I just can’t hide it.

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jep said...

if they don't COPYCAT david cook's style... ok! funny thing is konti lang nakakaalam na meron din siyang pinang gayahan.. wala akong boto pero gusto ko ung maraming magulang at ung taga puerto galera.. sa guys naman ung haba hair na anak ng stylist at saka ung PT.. un lang.. si bugoy pwede na rin..

tinkerbell said...

wew!naunahan m ko magpost!ayoko na hahaha!
well..i go for chivas haha!and also kay jet he is really good nman eh..pati c lambert kaya lng sympre 1 lng ung kukunin so i'll go for jet haha!
lhat nman cla mgaling eh!^^

Belle Caballero said...

>jepp: really?? at cno nmn gngaya ni Cook??.. oh well, lam ko nmang rockista gs2 mo e.. kaya malamang bet mo ung long hair na guy.. hehehe.. c lambert ayw mo?? rocker din un ahh.. parang mas mrami nga akong gs2 ngyon kysa last season..

>bujoi: sbi ko n nga ba e may ggwa din nito.. kya nga tinatpos ko kgbi pra mauna ako! bwahaha.. sayang nga e.. mas pinasok pa ung girl from alabang kysa kay Lambert or Jet.. nkakainz!.. pagandahan kc labanan d2 sa pinas e.. haaayz..

nyl said...

oi!ako rin nanuod!hehe

excited din ako para kay Bugoy!;0)

nice site!

iyay said...

comment ako:



Ariel said...

hi! I'm a quite a fan of PDA, too but I hate the opening night. It was too messy for me. happy bloggin'!

yoshke said...

i like Liezl and Cris. Hehe.

yoshke said...

and Van. haha

Belle Caballero said...

hahaha... lam ko na bkit c Van.. kasi.. ahmmm... maganda yung boses?? ahahaha... joke lng..

e c sen ayw mo??... ganda din nmn boses nun ah.. tska gwapo din^_^

Anonymous said...

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